40th Birthday Card

Tonya Butts

Enjoy great food

Rafael Santana

Rafael Santana

Have A Jolly 40th Birthday Catch 🐟

Carlos Williamson

I enjoy the environment & the food!

Dr Deb Goldberg

September 1, 1952

Charlene Pace

Congrats on the Milestone!

Lavette Varner

Happy 40th be back real soon

Daresha Harris

Happy birthday to the restaurant with the best drinks in town!!!


Happy Birthday!!!

Vicki J peacock

Happy Birthday Spondivits ,thanks for serving good fresh food for 40 years.

Debra Davenport

Happy Birthday Spondivits, hope you have many more. Thanks for the good times.

Natashia Hoffler

Natashia Hoffler

Happppppppppy 40th Spondivits BIRTHDAY from the Hoffler’s 🎂 🥰🥳

Ericka White

Happy Birthday to Spondivits, you do seafood right and I wish you 40 years more!

veronica gresham

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!… I LOVE this place…

Tim Parks

Tim Parks

Frank & Tim wish you a HBD!

Margie Morgan

Margie Morgan

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits!…I have heard so many wonderful things about you and cannot wait until I come chow down with you!

Cheryl Havens

Cheryl Havens

First time there was a little worried because of location. But food was excellent, people friendly, a little pricey, but FUN. This is my favorite place to go out to. Whenever i go to the airport, I always stop by. Love Spondivits@

Rodney  Poole

Rodney Poole

I never been but plan on going when I get to the ATL later this month

Sharena Griswold

Happy PERSONAL New Year Spondivits
here’s to 40 more years of Awesome drinks & bringing sea to land to your kitchen to satisfied belly’s!

Kenidra White

Happy Birthday!

Ravon Lewis

Haaappppppyyyy Birthday!! Thank you so much for all the good seafood you have put in me and my family bellies for years.Keep going only way is up looking to see a bigger restaurant in Atlanta.

Angela Buchanan

Happy Birthday, Spondivits!!!! I wish you many many more birthdays!!

Sonya Cook

Happy Anniversary!!! To last 40 years in Atlanta’s fickle restaurant market is a huge achievement! Super congrats!

Van Newberry

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!
Been looking forward to this all week!!

Beverly Parks

Happy Birthday

Cynthia Graham

I LOVE SPONDIVITS! I remember once while on vacation, we were staying at a hotel and we asked where could we find a Red Lobster. The employess said that there’s a place called Spondivits across the street. We were apprehensive about trying it but we were hungry! So we gave it a go. That was the best decision of our vacation! The food was delicious and every time we are in the area if we are driving we stop at Spondivits!!! Happy Birthday y’all!


Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits…. You Rock

RB Le`Deach

RB Le`Deach

Happy B-Day Andy, way to go!

Kim Greenwell



Angie Harrison

Angie Harrison

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits, here’s to 40 more! See you in 9 weeks when we visit from England..we can not wait for some famous and world class seafood, hopefully meet some of the lovely locals, and enjoy the very best in southern hospitality.

Damita Richard

Love, love ,love! Happy birthday Wishing you many more

Michelle Brooks

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!! My husband (Carlton Brooks) and I met there on Thanksgiving night 1989. Wonderful memories!!

Linda Barker

HBD🎂😍 to my fav spot on the Eastside!

Kendal Colton

Happy birthday!!

Ella Floyd

Happy Birthday!! I have yet to try you for myself it plan to for my birthday Feb. 13

Latasha Johnson

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!! I look forward to returning to one of my favorite spots next month

Debbie Shinn

Birthday dinner with my friends and family- best seafood and birthday ever!

Tracy Hutchins

Happy Birthday!

Bill Davis

Happy Birthday. Spondivits is my one and only stop when coming to Atlanta. On more than one occasion I made my connecting flight several hours later than my arriving flight into Atlanta so I could have dinner at Spondivits. I wish you a Happy Birthday with many more to come. Bill

Susan Crawford

Happy 40th to the best seafood eatery in Atlanta!

Tianna Jarrett

Happy Birthday Spondovits!!! Hands down best crab legs!!! Thanks for 40 fantastic years!!!!

dawn smith

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!

Laura Carcamo

May God keep blessing this business and you guys 40 more. We love this food is our happy place when we talk about seafood in Atlanta. Keep giving us smiles while we eat this delicilus food. CHEERS ON YOIR 40TH BIRTHDAY!!!

Shoney Alexander

Happy 40th birthday ❤️!!

I love my experience I had here best crab lobster and shrimp I’ve ever had.besides cooking my own 🤣🤣. Great drinks. Will see you soon ❤️❤️

Destoni Ellis

Destoni Ellis

Yooooooooooo y’all getting old 🤣🤣🤣 but happy birthday.



Happy 40th birthday!!!

Sharolyn Hunter

Happy 40th Birthday

Teia Wideman

Happy 40th Birthday

Shayla Satterwhite

Happy 40th Birthday to my favorite restaurant! I have never had a bad experience. The wait can be long at times but the service and food is well worth it. Good things are worth waiting for! Keep up the great work!

Kenya L Porter

Celebrating 40 years of fabulousness!! Turn up!

Sharon Terry

Lordy Lordy Spondivits is 40ty‼️

Kristel Jusu

I’m Florida born as raised, the ONLY spot I can relate to HOME with all the Fixins is Spondivits!!! Been here since .

Janie Foy

I feel honored to say Happy 40th Birthday! I myself turned 40 on December 31st! May the establishment continue to be a Blessing to the Community.

Dawn M Hill

It’s my 45Th Birthdayyyyy

Carisa Dear

Carisa Dear

Happy 40th my first visit will be today! I’ve heard the hype long enough. This will be my last meal before surgery tomorrow. Can’t wait to try!!!

Roilanda Cummings

Happy 40th Birthday

Skylar Brown

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!

Brian DeRusha

Brian DeRusha

On our way for the 1st time from Dallas, TX


I have been told, it’s worth the drive from TEXAS !!


Wishing the best place with the seafood bucket a fantabulous birthday!! Food is so yummy!! Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!

Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson

Happy Birthday 🎊

Sheryl Patton-Dandridge

Happy Birthday!!! Let’s do 40 more!!!❤❤❤❤

Carla Jones

Happy 40th Birthday…. Here’s to 40 more!

Kim Kessler

I have been to Spondivits many of times but I can never seem to make up my mind in what to get because everything is so delicious!! I always end up with the combo bucket cause I need everything!! OMG…. I love this Seafood spot!!!

Shonnika Henry

The evening we had to walk our co-worker around the parking lot because Bob Marley did his job, lol!

Denise Calvin

Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy biirrtthhday, happy birthday to ya (in my Stevie Wonder singing voice). My daughter took me here to eat on my visit to GA from VA. I tried the fried lobster tails. Sooooo gooood.

Gwendolyn Gordon

Happy Birthday Spondivits!! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday and bringing my Mom to enjoy her 86th B’day dining on all the delicious, tasty seafood!


Happy Birthday spondivits

Harold Brantley




Happiest 40th!!!! Here’s to 40+ more!!!!
Best Wishes for continued success!!!!

Keep Shining!!!!


Happy 40th birthday


Happy Birthday, Spondivits! 🥳 Although I’ve eaten here many times, my favorite memory was from earlier this year. My birthday is always a big deal! I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to go out and do anything for my birthday due to the COVID restrictions. However, my fiancé made dinner at home special by buying me my favorite meal via takeout from Spondivits. Cheers to 40 years! 🥂



Happy Birthday to the Greatest seafood restaurant Ever!
In town Out of town, there is no comparison!

Tennethina Belcher

Happy 40th Birthday!! I wish you all many many many more years of serving awesome Seafood

Zeborah Paul

Happy 40th Birthday
Wishing you many more years of success and great eats

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

Happy 40th Birthday to the best seafood place in Atlanta. I drive from Alabama to eat at least twice a month.

Doris Bond

Happy Birthday

Allyssa Godfrey


Robin Mills

Happy birthday, you guys have always been great. Wishing you 40 more !

Michelle McCrary

Happy Birthday! Love the food and the atmosphere 😊

Jerome A Thompson

Oysters and Long & Strong Long Island Ice Teas.

Birthday 07/28

Elaine Luong

Elaine Luong

Happy Birthday! First day here and already loving it!

Candace Ausby

Candace Ausby

Happy Happy birthday hope you have many more to come! I love this place🥰🍹🎉🎊🍷🍾🍸🍺🍰🎂😘

Kimberlee Morrison

Happy 40th Spondivits!
I’m Canadian and when I was younger my best friend would travel to Atlanta before I even knew about Atlanta! She would come back and tell me about an amazing bar like restaurant by the name of Spondivits. Fast forward to meeting my husband an Atlanta native before he became my husband he took me to a restaurant which wasn’t a great date with unpleasant food to match. I totally blew him off LOL and he said he wanted to makeup for that disaster of a date. So I flew back to Atlanta and he took me to Spondivits as a makeup date. I was in complete Awe with the service, food portion and atmosphere and I can’t forget the TASTE OF THAT GARLIC DIP AND DEEP FRIED CLAMS!! Well safe to say that if it weren’t for spondivits I don’t think me and him would be married LOL.

Ladreaka Mays

Happy 40th Birthday and I wish you many more years of success!

Mikel Taylor

Happy Birthday. I never been here ever in my life but people talks about it. I just wanted to wish you an happy birthday for respect I was just looking at the menu and came across this.

Jeanie Ware

Happy 40th Birthday! Here’s to wishing you an eternity of serving good food to welcomed customers!


Hi, I am Jen. My husband and I are in ATL for Memorial Day weekend 2021 for a wedding. I contacted my cousin who is a local and I was told Spondivits is a must. See you soon! Happy 40th Birthday !!

Oria Kunin

Happy Birthday to the place that make everyone happy all the time! Thank you!

Rod Okorley

Happy Birthday! I know I have shared a birthday or two there before, so here’s back to YOU guys!

Jewel Lee

Jewel Lee

Happy 40th bday! I celebrated my 40th at Spondivits last year. Looking forward to doing the same this year. It’s a mandatory stop every time I’m in Atlanta! Great seafood, friendly staff and cool environment. Let’s not forget the drinks -AMAZING!! See you in a few weeks

Mary Manning

Mary Manning

Happy 40th Birthday!!!!! We love the crab legs. They are truly the BEST!

Denise Darden

Denise Darden

Happy 40th Birthday to the best seafood restaurant.

Treka D McMillian

Cheers to your 40th Birthday! Good Food and Good Times. May the next 40 be better and more prosperous than the first 40!

Jeff Cook

Happy 40th Spondivits!!! Keep that great seafood serving our seafood loving hearts!!!


Spondivitz and I are turning FORTY together! Who knew???!!! Happy 40th Divitz!!! 🎈

Kaitlyn Vanvalkenburgh

Kaitlyn Vanvalkenburgh

Happy Birthday Spondivits!
I’ll be traveling from Tallahassee Florida to celebrate my Best Friends 30th birthday. I couldn’t think of a better place in Atlanta to celebrate than Spondivits.
Spondivits is my #1 place to recommend to anyone who visits the Atlanta area.
Can’t wait to come back this month.
Your hospitality has always gone above and beyond to make every visit a great experience.
Thanks for all the great memories and more to come,

Susan Barge

Seafood platter, atmosphere is always great. Happy 40th Spondivits. Best seafood

Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits, we love your restaurant. Whenever my family and friends are in town, they always choose Spondivits for dinner!

Gwen Jones

I have shared more than 26 of those 40 years with. It’s always enjoyable. Wishing you 40 more

Mona Williams

Happy Birthday 40th Spondivits

Otto Green Jr

Otto Green Jr

I’m in town for the week from Nashville!! I can’t wait to come grub this eve!! Happy birthday Spondivits from Cashville!! ✊✊

shereal S smoot

Happy 40th birthday to my favorite seafood joint of all time. Awesome food, great staff and inviting atmosphere. Looking forward to many more years of your goodness!



Brittany McRae

Brittany McRae

Happy 40th Birthday! I visited ATL last year around this time and I can say Spondivits gave us the best meal of our 4 day stay! We will be in ATL in September and this is definitely our 1st night’s dinner! Can’t wait!


Happy 40th! That’s the year my husband and I graduated from high school! Have not heard about you guys before today, from a friend that was there posting on FB. I have to say, for you guys to last 40 years, you must be doing something right! Hope to check you out soon.

Markettia Harris

Happy Birthday!!!! I’m so excited to dine with you all for the first time Tonight!
Coming from Cleveland, Ohio
Let’s Celebrate!

Deidra Jones

Happy birthday Spondivits every experience is my best because I love love this place

Joel Swanson

Happy Birthday! I always look forward to my work trips to ATL because that means I am going to eat me some SPONDIVITS!!!!

Kachet Nicole Johnson

Kachet Nicole Johnson

I’m turning 31 tomorrow, let’s celebrate together! Very happy birthday to you!!


Happy 40th birthday Spondivits !!! We share in this celebration together !!!!!

Paul Leslie

Happy 40th birthday! Spondivit’s is a place unlike any other. The stories and delicious meals experienced in this place will never be forgotten!


Happy Birthday Spondivits!!
God said “Move to Atlanta” May 2016
This is my FAVORITE Seafood Restaurant!!
Thank you

Lekesha Favors

Cheers to 40 crackin’ years and wishes for 40 more!!

Lacie Westbrook

Spondivits is a must anytime I’m in the area. So much so it because my favorite restaurant. I will be celebrating my birthday there on Friday ! Can’t wait

Jenifer H Dawson-Amar

I celebrated my (close to 40th) bday there a few years back on my first stay in Atlanta. It was love at first everything! You guys hold a special place in my heart and I’ll never visit my favorite city without stopping in to visit with y’all. Happiest birthday Spondivits family! Best wishes for many years to come! 💕🦀🦐🦈🎉🎂

Nadia Jenkins

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!!

Arnetrise Cook

Arnetrise Cook

Happy Birthday to Spondivits and the best crab cakes!

Yolanda Price

Happy Happy Birthday to You🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂 Wishing You many more years of Blessings Prosperity and Love ❤️ Ive never been to your establishment but I’ve heard so many Great things about it. I’m planning to come celebrate my 48th Birthday there as well and I’m Excited about it.

Shatesha Bogany

Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday SPONDIVITIS wishing the company a Blessed Birthday and many many more. May your company continue to grow in love (employees, staff, family), success and may it be prosperous and always be ranked # 1 Atlanta and one day worldwide. Congratulation on your 40th Birthday!!!

Sandy Harrell

Happy 40th bday!! My birthday is March 12 1980 so we’re 40 together!! I plan to come to this place I’ve never been before for my 41st bday this year!!

Jasmine Iman Greene Quarterman

Jasmine Iman Greene Quarterman

Words can’t express how much Spondivits has saved me from “jumping in the Alaskan sea to catch my own MEATY AND FRESH Crab Legs”. Thank you & cheers to many more years to come!

Krystal Lovett

Happy 40th Birthday wishing you so many more! My family loves your delicious food! Tastes just like my home Daytona Beach, Florida seasoned food! Y’all are awesome!

Carlton Richie

Would love to experience what I been hearing over the years about this place

Bernetta Peeples

The clam chowder

Sharon Walb

Happy 40th Birthday!! 40 has never looked so delicious!!

Constance Ratliff

Constance Ratliff

Wonderful Restaurant

Tracy Howard

When spondivits was open in Cumming ga… I had my birthday party there every year!…. My friends and me would go every Saturday and eat and drink. I miss you in Cumming ga. Please come back…

Beth Snider

Beth Snider

Happy birthday, Spondivits! Always great fun, ALWAYS great food!


Happy birthday I have been coming here since I was a kid with family and friends and I’m a January baby too so happy 40th spondivits we turned 40 in the same month and year.

Londa Rozier-Taylor

It’s, so FREAKING AHMAZING to read that you all are almost as old as I am. If June is Spondivits date of origin, then this totally makes you guys a Gemini and explains how you all are still going strong for so long. Keep serving great food and stiff drinks. 🥂 to 40+ more. Happy 40th🎉🎉

Joeli Lane

Happy Birthday!



William Clettenberg

Happy Birthday, Spondivits!! Wishing you at least another 40! Still waiting for the in for the Buffet tickets.

Donald Beacham

Happy birthday to my favorite spot

Dionne Ricks

Dionne Ricks

My birthday was amazing at spondivits

Michael Johnson

Congrats to the best to ever do it!!!! Love you Spondivits



Happy 40th… the best is yet to come

Kimberly Dumas

Happy Birthday I spend most birthdays with you guys each year I love the crabs and the Butter and salad hit the spot . Missing you guys terribly 🙁 we will meet soon. In the meantime enjoy and I wish you many more with love and blessings.



The best seafood ever! I’m about to bring my fiancé there to try it. Happy Birthday and here’s to another 40!!!

Loren Knox


Adrienne Dixon

My girlfriend brought me here for my birthday. I’m from Boston and used to high quality seafood. Spondivits was as close to home as you get in the south. I absolutely loved the fried lobster.

Phyllicia Johnson


Monica Peterson

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!! Thank you for 40 Years of Fantabulous Seafood and Delicious, Refreshing Drinks!! Cheers to 40 More Years!!

Cynthia Searcy

Just heard about my niece who said it was great won’t to bring my wife for the first time on 10/09or10/2020

Carolyn Strozier

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!

Brandi Alexandria Smith

Happy birthday Spondivits. We share it together. Mine is this Sunday and I’m coming to dine tonight!!!

Brandy Mcgill

Happy 40th birthday. I would love to eat there again.

Don Walker

Don Walker

Happy Birthday 2 you……


Happy 40th Birthday to you Spondivits! Here’s to the next 40! May your establishment continue to prosper!

Joe Rich

Joe Rich

Happy Birthday!! We live in Morristown, TN. Every time we are near Atlanta we have to eat with you guys! Our first time there was my wife and I after our honeymoon in 2016 and our luggage got lost at the Atlanta airport. We stayed over night and ate with you guys that evening and fell in love!

Bianca Ramsey

Happy 40th Birthday! Wishing you many more 🎉🎈

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