40th Birthday Card

Toni Craw

Happy Happy Birthday to Spondivits! May you continue to have Great success!!!

Vivian Smith

Vivian Smith

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits 😍 I will be there in February to celebrate my 73rd birthday. This is where my kids bring me for my birthday and Mother’s Day celebrations 🎉 🎊🎁

Kimberly R Shephard

Happy birthday Spondivits! I have enjoyed every meal that I’ve eaten there! Do they have all been so worth it. I actually came to the website today because today is my 23rd wedding anniversary and I would love to spend it there a Spondivits! So congratulations on your 40th birthday and I hope that Spondivits survives another 40 years plus!

Wendy Billups

Happy birthday

Sharolyn Hunter

Happy 40th Birthday

Frank Fleming

Happy Birthday and I’ve never been, yet.

Maccine Stafford

Happy 40th Birthday!

Tonya Butts

Enjoy great food

Deon Lynch

Happy 40th


Hoping to win & try your restaurant

Lekesha Favors

Cheers to 40 crackin’ years and wishes for 40 more!!

Lou Cumming

Happy Birthday Spondivits…keep on rocking.

Michelle Brooks

Happy 40th Birthday!! We have had many, many fabulous memories made at this great place.

Erica Deas

Erica Deas

Happy 40th Birthday to you guys! I have enjoyed every dining experience I’ve had here, thanks for being a stable in Atlanta! I cherish my experience I’ve had over the years with friends and family! Great food, great drinks and awesome customer service! Continue to thrive and cheers to many more years to come!

Meredith Morton

Happy birthday to the best seafood around!

Cheryl Mathis

Cheryl Mathis

It’s my Birthday 3/5/1959 and I would like to celebrate your years of business with my birthday.

Rhonda Shiflet

Happy 40th to the best seafood place in the world!

Chamar Denise Major

Happy Birthday!! Favorite experience was me and 8 other women came for my Birthday one year and one of the girls got drunk and started crying and saying she can’t remember why she was crying 🤣🤣🤣

Sandy Harrell

Happy 40th bday!! My birthday is March 12 1980 so we’re 40 together!! I plan to come to this place I’ve never been before for my 41st bday this year!!

Lakelvin McClure

Happy Birthday and keep the people Happy Haven’t ate There yet but I’m so ready..

Linda House

Linda House

Happy Birthday!!

Elaine Luong

Elaine Luong

Happy Birthday! First day here and already loving it!

Christle Traylor

Happy birthday 🎂. Continued success. EVERY time I’ve visited this restaurant I’ve had the most spectacular meal. The presentation is always magnificent and last year on a whim I was telling some of my friends about it that live in Alabama and they drove up one Saturday just for us to the restaurant eat, take a nap and then they headed back to Alabama.


Happy Birthday my first experience will be 9-13 2019 my lady Birthday and my Birthday 14th. Heard so much positive things about your restaurant.


Happy 40th and many more from SWFL!

Mrs. Joveta Watson

Happy 40th Birthday!!

Tammara J Brewer

Wishing Spondivits a very 40th Happy Birthday & many, many more!..you’ve only just begun!
Being an ex-military brat, I’ve been blessed to have some of the freshest seafood as my dad was stationed all around the world. I can tell you – near or far, wherever you are, you have to give Spondivits a try, it will spoil you for all other seafood restaurants! So go get your seafood and spirits on and you’ll want to be sure to wear your stretchy pants! Let’s get Spondivits Wasted!!! 🙂

Van Newberry

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!
Been looking forward to this all week!!

Christy McKenzie

Christy McKenzie

We lived in Florida for years, both east coast and gulf coast and never had seafood as good as when I went to Spondivits! Keep it up! Happy birthday!

STEVE Bogues

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!
40 Years of great food and service..

Brandy Mcgill

Happy 40th birthday. I would love to eat there again.

Christy Miller

Christy Miller

Happy birthday!

Angela Goldsby

Angela Goldsby

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!!🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🖐🏾 (that’s a mic drop😄)
I’m only 1 yr older than you. All set to celebrate with you guys for the 1st time on Oct 5th!!!🦀🦞🥂🎂💃🏾

Carolyn Strozier

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!

Wayne Revels


Denesia L Carr

Denesia L Carr

Happy Birthday!!!wish u many many more years to come.


Happy Birthday Spondivits Enjoy


Happy Birthday spondivits

Erica Willis

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!! Like fine wine you’ve gotten better with time. Wishing you another 40 plus yes to come



Happy 40th Fresh Seafood Day!!!

Jasmine Williams

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!! 🎊

Tam’Mesha Troutman

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday to my absolute favorite seafood restaurant! Can’t wait to make my weekly visit here soon!!

shirley waters

shirley waters

Happy 40th Achievement Birthday

Kinda Baker

Kinda Baker

My family flew in from Cali and we all dined in at your place! Great food and good laughs! We had a great time! Thanks for the memories.

Patrece Williams

I love everything about spondivits, from the atmosphere, laid back fun vibes, live music and exceptional service. I try to come as much as I can. This is my #1 go to restaurant

Loren Knox


Shakeena James

Shakeena James

I came for my bday. It was me and my 10 kids, plus husband. We are from Florida and always looking for great seafood. We enjoyed

Hasannah Araus-muhammad

Hasannah Araus-muhammad

Happy 40th birthday


Wishing Spondivits a very happy 40th birthday.. Honestly it’s the best seafood restaurant on this planet!!!

Latago Ates

Latago Ates

Happy B-day Spondivits!!

Venitia Crawford-Fergus

Venitia Crawford-Fergus

Happy Birthday! This is a great restaurant that my ex-husband and I love so much and now we both share this experience with our daughter. Can’t wait to come again.

Kim Greenwell

Never visited BUT HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!

LuvV Valentine

🍸🎉🎊🎁🎈🎤🎼Singing Happy Birthday to yah in my Stevie Wonder voice.Since the year 1999 that’s l moved to Atlanta you were my first seafood restaurant l visited. Ever since then to now l’ve had birthday parties celebrations and even a girls night out. Or just to get great food. The staff and kitchen to live music 🎶 🎵 it makes you dance and sing along. A well recommended place to visit thank you all for give me 19 years of excellent service and food. Wish you many more awesome years to come. ❤️ Love you Spondivits!!!!!

Ingrit Busbee

Happy Happy birthday!! You were the first seafood restaurant that I ever ate at in Atlanta and we have been friends for years! Praying you have many many more years of serving good fresh seafood!



Gregory Link

Gregory Link

We were there 3-years ago and, oh my God, what a meal. Seriously, the best ever. I gave you HUGE kudos in TripAdvisor.

Gail Railey

Gail Railey

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits I sure miss hanging out.
It was really fun and loved the ousters

Zeborah Paul

Happy 40th Birthday
Wishing you many more years of success and great eats

Jamelle Hood

Spondivits has been my favorite since I was a teenager and I am 5 years older than this restaurant. You could only get seafood from here and a chain seafood restaurant… this of course being the best place to go and eat. Happy Birthday!



Happy birthday and we’re coming to celebrate with you….. Woop woop

yvondia farris

Happy 40th Birthday!!!!

Joseph Jones

You indeed are fabulous at 40!!!
Great food, great experience, great memories!!

Anitra Sargent

Happy happy birthday to you and much more success in the years to come



The best seafood ever! I’m about to bring my fiancé there to try it. Happy Birthday and here’s to another 40!!!

Renee Neal

Happy 40th y’all!! Keep up the awesome work so we can see y’all around for another 40 times 40!!! 😜

Lavette Varner

Happy 40th be back real soon


Happy 40th birthday Spondivits !!! We share in this celebration together !!!!!

Treka D McMillian

Cheers to your 40th Birthday! Good Food and Good Times. May the next 40 be better and more prosperous than the first 40!


My mouth waters everytime I think about Spondivits. My ex-hubby and I used to skip work and sit out on the patio in the back drinking beer and enjoying different items on the menu. I always refer any of my family and friends to your restaurant and just know they are repeat customers. Happiest of birhdays and cheers to many more!!!

tabatha K edwards

tabatha K edwards

Happy 40th Born Day



Happy Happy Birthday to You and Many Many More delicious years

Lanese Johnson

I look forward to eating here for 40 more years

Kenidra White

Happy Birthday!

Jasmine Iman Greene Quarterman

Jasmine Iman Greene Quarterman

Words can’t express how much Spondivits has saved me from “jumping in the Alaskan sea to catch my own MEATY AND FRESH Crab Legs”. Thank you & cheers to many more years to come!

Michelle McCrary

Happy Birthday! Love the food and the atmosphere 😊

Tianna Jarrett

Happy Birthday Spondovits!!! Hands down best crab legs!!! Thanks for 40 fantastic years!!!!


Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits…. You Rock

Kenee Anderson

Kenee Anderson

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits and many more to come! Coming to help y’all celebrate wit my favorite.. Deluxe seafood platter and top it off with the Bob Marley!!! Been rocking with y’all forever❤️

Letitia Johnson


Susan Wills

Happy 40th birthday Spondivits! Cheers 🍻🍻🍹🍹to many more years!

Kimberly D Wilson

Happy Birthday!!! My friends and I will be there March 14 to celebrate with you all!! Wish you guys a happy 40th and us happy and safe travels!

Carlton Richie

Would love to experience what I been hearing over the years about this place

Remeikca Munroe

Remeikca Munroe

Happy 40th, I’ll be 40 as well let’s Celebrate together 🥂

James Jones

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Best best for food friends and fun!!!

Shane Williams

Happy 40th. Too many experiences while working at the Cumming Store to single one out.



Terri Chapman


Roblynette Bryant

Congratulations on 40 years! It looks good on you!

inger richardson

Happy 40th Birthday !!! This place is the best

Carla Jones

Happy 40th Birthday…. Here’s to 40 more!

Tarah Reese

Tarah Reese

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! Wishing you many many more… also Wishing myself a Happy 41st birthday Aug 6th and praying God continues to bless us each year with more.

Mona Williams

Happy Birthday 40th Spondivits

Joe Rich

Joe Rich

Happy Birthday!! We live in Morristown, TN. Every time we are near Atlanta we have to eat with you guys! Our first time there was my wife and I after our honeymoon in 2016 and our luggage got lost at the Atlanta airport. We stayed over night and ate with you guys that evening and fell in love!

Sean Johnson

I have lived in Atlanta all my life and have had the pleasure of eating at Spondivits all 40 years! I pray God allows me the pleasure of continuing for the rest of my life. Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!

Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits, we love your restaurant. Whenever my family and friends are in town, they always choose Spondivits for dinner!

Joel Swanson

Happy Birthday! I always look forward to my work trips to ATL because that means I am going to eat me some SPONDIVITS!!!!

Courtney Hinton

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳!!!!!



Cherilyn Morgan

One of my favorite places to eat when I come back home! Happy Birthday

Violet Holley

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits!

Shalom Davis

The best seafood in Atlanta, Ga Happy 40th Birthday

Carla Dioume

Happy birthday and continued blessings on many more!!!

shereal S smoot

Happy 40th birthday to my favorite seafood joint of all time. Awesome food, great staff and inviting atmosphere. Looking forward to many more years of your goodness!



Happy 40th birthday!!!

Jameria Walker

My absolute favorite seafood joint!!!

Kim Jones

🥳 happy birthday 🎊🎈🎉 can’t wait to come back for some yummy seafood

Kimberly Howard

Kimberly Howard

Happy Birthday to you

Delila Jefferies

Happy birthday! Spondivits undoubtedly my favorite place to chillax im coming to celebrate my 38th early with you for your 40th saturday nov 9th all the way up to the 11th my birthday. Happy Birthday🍷🥇🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂

Mikel Taylor

Happy Birthday. I never been here ever in my life but people talks about it. I just wanted to wish you an happy birthday for respect I was just looking at the menu and came across this.

Tanika  Smith

Tanika Smith

It’s my 40th birthday as well so today we celebrate together

Donald Henderson

Happy Birthday


Happy 40th Birthday enjoy the day💓🎂🍾

Dawanna Chambers

Dawanna Chambers

Happy 40th and more to come

Rodney  Poole

Rodney Poole

I never been but plan on going when I get to the ATL later this month


Happy 40th Birthday!!

Donna Harper

Donna Harper

Happy Birthday to my newest FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN ATLANTA!!! My husband and I ate here for the first time when we staying near the airport for our flight to Jamaica the next morning. The food was amazing and we both made a mess eating our steamed deluxe seafood platter and we didn’t care. We walked from the Crowne Plaza there and wobbled back to the hotel. You all have a new couple that will make ever effort to eat here every time we are in the area!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

Chartavia Fuller

Happy 40th to my favorite restaurant on God’s green earth! Best seafood in the WORLD! See you soon!

Paul Leslie

Happy 40th birthday! Spondivit’s is a place unlike any other. The stories and delicious meals experienced in this place will never be forgotten!

Johnnie Hunter

Always great food and great service and friendly staff. Loved to meet friends after work there and on weekends

Allyssa Godfrey


LaRonda Freeman

LaRonda Freeman

I would love to celebrate my 38th birthday this year with my seafood lover friends and family at Spondivits September 28th!

Lamar Payne

Lamar Payne

Happy, happy birthday!!! I started counting backwards when I turned 50 so I’ll be 40 along with you this year. So many more years to both of us!

JaMille Warren

Happy 40th Birthday! Wishing you many more! I just celebrated my 1st Anniversary with my boyfriend there on Thursday! The seafood bucket was amazing!

Beth Snider

Beth Snider

Happy birthday, Spondivits! Always great fun, ALWAYS great food!

Susan Barge

Seafood platter, atmosphere is always great. Happy 40th Spondivits. Best seafood

Lakendra Mitchell

Happy Birthday!

Damita Richard

Love, love ,love! Happy birthday Wishing you many more

Cynthia Graham

I LOVE SPONDIVITS! I remember once while on vacation, we were staying at a hotel and we asked where could we find a Red Lobster. The employess said that there’s a place called Spondivits across the street. We were apprehensive about trying it but we were hungry! So we gave it a go. That was the best decision of our vacation! The food was delicious and every time we are in the area if we are driving we stop at Spondivits!!! Happy Birthday y’all!

Claudel Butler

Today is my 40th birthday as well. I was recommended to come here for my birthday. But got stuck at Dentist all day. I wish u deliver. Anyways. Happy Birthday to us.

James Williams

The Best Seafood experience ever! Love the ambiance!!!!

Maria D Pineda

Happy 40th birthday. May you continue to have many more to share with us.🎈🎉🎊

Charlotte  Morgan

Charlotte Morgan

Always love going to meet my friends. Happy 40th birthday Spondivits.🧜‍♀️🎉



Mark Carnes

Kent , knew who we were after moving to Texas and returning over a year later to get the shark platter and the best pomegranate margarita in town

Monica Wright

Monica Wright

Happy 40th Birthday to the best seafood restaurant in Atlanta!

Jonique Williams

Trying oysters for the first time… at Spondivits! Happy birthday and thank you!

Jack Couch

Happy Birthday

Lacarshia T Roper

Happy 40th birthday SPONDIVITS! WE aries rule. Wish we were spending our birthdays together like we normally do but this pandemic is keeping us apart. Can’t wait to see ya again with a bob Marley in hand lol.

David Standard

Happy. Happy Happy Birthday. Great seafood! Worth the drive!

Connie Harbuck

We started coming when your place was just about 10 seats. We have loved watching you grow over the years.

Amanda Fowler

Happy Birthday you all are the BEST!!!!!!



Here’s to another year full of experiences, joy, happiness, surprises, yummy food, and drinks.
Feliz Cumpleaños
Bon Anniversaire
Buon Compleanno
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag
お誕生日おめでとうございます (Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu)
생일 축하 (Saeng-il Chugha)
生日快乐 (Shēngrì Kuàilè)
生日快樂 (Sang Yat Fai Lok)
С днем рождения (S Dnem Rozhdeniya)
Feliz Aniversário
Happy Birthday!

Bobby Ferraro

Happy Birthday Spondivits. Thank you do much to Andy and Chef for 40 years of amazing food and service.

Kenya Jordan

Happy 40th birthday

Gwen Jones

I have shared more than 26 of those 40 years with. It’s always enjoyable. Wishing you 40 more

Marion Kelley

Marion Kelley

First date, for me a lady that met over a year ago. I Became my mother’s care giver and we only had contact by phone. I was in Maryland , she lives here. Our first meal together was at Spondivits. It was great and people were professional and polite. Needless to say the relationship has grown. Happy Birthday. Thanks for a successful first date. Marion from Montana.

Ronald Turner

Happy Birthday!

Gwendolyn Gordon

Happy Birthday Spondivits!! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday and bringing my Mom to enjoy her 86th B’day dining on all the delicious, tasty seafood!

Marcus Dryden

Marcus Dryden

Happy 40th Birthday 🎊🎉To Spondivits My Favorite Restaurant To Eat Seafood When I’m In The “A”!!!


Happy 40th Birthday! It’s my 40th Birthday as well!!!

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