40th Birthday Card

Kenya Jordan

Happy 40th birthday

Shakela Jackson

Wishing Spondivits a Happy 40th Birthday and many more.

Stacie Kidd

How could I ever forget my first visit to the restaurant it was a match made in that bucket I knew I was hooked forever…….

Tonya Butts

Enjoy great food

Mae Jimison

I turn 40 with you this year! Happy Birthday!

Shelly Hall

Wishing Spondivits the happiest of birthdays. Hope that you all will get to see another 40 🎂🎂😁🙂🕯️🎉

Denesia L Carr

Denesia L Carr

Happy Birthday!!!wish u many many more years to come.

Johnnie Hunter

Always great food and great service and friendly staff. Loved to meet friends after work there and on weekends


Happy 40th Birthday! It’s my 40th Birthday as well!!!

Faye Strauss

Happy Birthday, Spondivits!! My daughter is my seafood eating buddy and we always come and sit at the bar when I visit her in East Point. We always get a dozen oysters, share a bucket of crab, lobster, and shrimp, and gotta have those French fries. All amazingly fresh and delicious and we would eat there everyday if we could. Please open a location in Covington so I can do that

Monica Peterson

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!! Thank you for 40 Years of Fantabulous Seafood and Delicious, Refreshing Drinks!! Cheers to 40 More Years!!

Charles Kinard

I want to wish you guys a Very Happy 40th Birthday! It is my 50th Birthday year and between us we make a perfect 10. Many more BLESSING and success to you guys.


Happy Birthday Spondivits I have work there for almost 15 years the experience they I live the most is talking to all the different cultures that come into Spondivits international and here in the states I guess this is a great place to work 🎂🎉

Christina Flowers

Christina Flowers

Y’all are my favorite restraunt when I’m in ATL!! Here’s to ANOTHER 40 years of excellence!!

Ernise Cummings

Happy Birthday, keep up the great service and menus.


Hoping to win & try your restaurant

James Williams

The Best Seafood experience ever! Love the ambiance!!!!

Kai Feliciano

My Dad first introduced me to Spondivits in Atlanta, and ever since then it’s become our must-stop spot when he comes to visit. I took my friend who lives out in LA and now we also have to crush it when he’s in town. You guys have to have a hookup at the airport because it is literally the freshest seafood in town at a ridiculous price! Love it, and so… Hau’oli lā hānau! Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleańos! And all those birthday wishes.


Happy Birthday, Sondivits! Congratulations on being 40 years young! Wishing you many more!

Cheri Whoric-Naiser

Had a great time with my friend Angela Yarbrough!!

Vivian Smith

Vivian Smith

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits 😍 I will be there in February to celebrate my 73rd birthday. This is where my kids bring me for my birthday and Mother’s Day celebrations 🎉 🎊🎁

Carla Jones

Happy 40th Birthday…. Here’s to 40 more!

Christle Traylor

Happy birthday 🎂. Continued success. EVERY time I’ve visited this restaurant I’ve had the most spectacular meal. The presentation is always magnificent and last year on a whim I was telling some of my friends about it that live in Alabama and they drove up one Saturday just for us to the restaurant eat, take a nap and then they headed back to Alabama.

Kathie Roberts

Kathie Roberts

We made it! One night in Atlanta and we are here! Lots of big ass crab legs coming by! DeWayne is taking care of us! Can’t wait for the food. So hard to decide!

Maria D Pineda

Happy 40th birthday. May you continue to have many more to share with us.🎈🎉🎊

Shonnika Henry

The evening we had to walk our co-worker around the parking lot because Bob Marley did his job, lol!

Kinda Baker

Kinda Baker

My family flew in from Cali and we all dined in at your place! Great food and good laughs! We had a great time! Thanks for the memories.

Denise Calvin

Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday to ya, happy biirrtthhday, happy birthday to ya (in my Stevie Wonder singing voice). My daughter took me here to eat on my visit to GA from VA. I tried the fried lobster tails. Sooooo gooood.

Nicole Guinyard

Nicole Guinyard

This yr is my 40th too. Happy Birthday to my favorite seafood place of all times.!!!

Shane Williams

Happy 40th. Too many experiences while working at the Cumming Store to single one out.


Congratulations! Happy 40th Birthday! I will be in ATL next month to experience the great food I heard about from my family.

Tracy Davis

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!🎁🎉🎈🎁
Every time I come to Atlanta I make it a point to come there. The food is delicious and the staff is great. Wishing you many more birthdays and continued success.

Kristel Jusu

I’m Florida born as raised, the ONLY spot I can relate to HOME with all the Fixins is Spondivits!!! Been here since .

Denise E Rimlinger

Denise E Rimlinger

So proud to have been a part of growing this wonderful Seafood/Bar Restaurant!! Many great memories have been created there!! Wishing them 40+ more successful years, and many more happy memories to come!!

Vanessa Bennett

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Deborah Whitaker

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! The greatest seafood ever!!🎉

Beth Snider

Beth Snider

Happy birthday, Spondivits! Always great fun, ALWAYS great food!

Angel McKenzie

Happy Birthday. Thank you for being the best. Wishing you many more years.

Craig Jones

Craig Jones

Greetings my favorite time Fellowshipping at Spondivits was on my Birthday last year. I enjoy family and friends celebrating.

Dr Deb Goldberg

September 1, 1952

Kawai Greene

I will be visiting for the 1st time for my birthday, so happy birthday to us.

Ronald Turner

Happy Birthday!

Erica Deas

Erica Deas

Happy 40th Birthday to you guys! I have enjoyed every dining experience I’ve had here, thanks for being a stable in Atlanta! I cherish my experience I’ve had over the years with friends and family! Great food, great drinks and awesome customer service! Continue to thrive and cheers to many more years to come!

Cheryl Rankin

Happy 40th. I’m a fresh seafood loving New Englander. Also a transplant here to Georgia. I watched an episode of a show where Big Boo and N.O.R.E. filmed while eating their goodies. Everything looked drooling delicious. I don’t know why I have not heard more on this ATL classic. I hope to visit soon. Doubt I’ll be able to enjoy that $300 seafood platter. But what I do have I’m hope I’ll enjoy.


Happy Birthday Spondivits!! Best food and drinks in the city!!

Michelle Conner

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! I will be 40 in just a few days as well!

Carla Florence

Carla Florence

My favorite experience is going when the game is on. The excitement and the interaction of guests is so much fun.


Happy Birthday, Spondivits! 🥳 Although I’ve eaten here many times, my favorite memory was from earlier this year. My birthday is always a big deal! I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to go out and do anything for my birthday due to the COVID restrictions. However, my fiancé made dinner at home special by buying me my favorite meal via takeout from Spondivits. Cheers to 40 years! 🥂

Naveed Akhtar

Happy birthday to the seafood restaurant &bar…you guys are the best!

Courtney slaton

Happy 40th Spondivits!!! Wishing many more to come.


Happy Birthday….1979 was a great year!!

Antoinette Gopaul

Antoinette Gopaul

Happy 40th Birthday

Gwen Jones

I have shared more than 26 of those 40 years with. It’s always enjoyable. Wishing you 40 more

Keith Hickey

Wishing you the happiest birthday!

Lakeelia Lewis

HBD! Still have to conquer the Bobby Marley!

Hilda Speckter

Happy Birthday – I was there in the begining & it has the best food in Atlanta. Wish I lived closer to Spondivits.

Rodney  Poole

Rodney Poole

I never been but plan on going when I get to the ATL later this month


Happy 40th! That’s the year my husband and I graduated from high school! Have not heard about you guys before today, from a friend that was there posting on FB. I have to say, for you guys to last 40 years, you must be doing something right! Hope to check you out soon.


Happy 40th birthday Spondivits.
Looking forward to coming next week.

LaRonda Freeman

LaRonda Freeman

I would love to celebrate my 38th birthday this year with my seafood lover friends and family at Spondivits September 28th!

Victoria C.

Victoria C.

Happy 40th to the both of us!😏🥳🥰

Tim Pogue

Lisa and oatmeal raisin

Skylar Brown

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!

Nakia eberhart

happy Birthday Spondivitzs, best seafood in Atlanta PERIODT!!!!!!!

Yolande Hart

Happy Birthday, from Little Rock, AR!

LuvV Valentine

🍸🎉🎊🎁🎈🎤🎼Singing Happy Birthday to yah in my Stevie Wonder voice.Since the year 1999 that’s l moved to Atlanta you were my first seafood restaurant l visited. Ever since then to now l’ve had birthday parties celebrations and even a girls night out. Or just to get great food. The staff and kitchen to live music 🎶 🎵 it makes you dance and sing along. A well recommended place to visit thank you all for give me 19 years of excellent service and food. Wish you many more awesome years to come. ❤️ Love you Spondivits!!!!!

Stacey Johnson

Happy 40th! Welcome to the 40/40 club! I’ll be your tour guide. Happy birthday

Synetra Mcnair

Happy Happy bday God bless the owner and maker and workers wish u many more I’m coming to yu all Thursday 4 the first time enjoy 💙❤🧡😘😘❣

Michelle McCrary

Happy Birthday! Love the food and the atmosphere 😊

Jewel Lee

Jewel Lee

Happy 40th bday! I celebrated my 40th at Spondivits last year. Looking forward to doing the same this year. It’s a mandatory stop every time I’m in Atlanta! Great seafood, friendly staff and cool environment. Let’s not forget the drinks -AMAZING!! See you in a few weeks

Colandra Webb

Celebrated my 45th birthday with great food people and atmosphere

Nisia McCormick

I visited Spondivits a year ago, during a visit to ATL with old school friends. Spondivits hosted our group of 12 seamlessly, and dished out some of the best seafood and drinks I’ve had in the south. The customer service was warm and welcoming, and the other patrons there were friendly as well. I even met a woman at the bar from Las Vegas, who I’m still friends with to this day! I rave about this place. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Lacie Westbrook

Spondivits is a must anytime I’m in the area. So much so it because my favorite restaurant. I will be celebrating my birthday there on Friday ! Can’t wait

Joe Rich

Joe Rich

Happy Birthday!! We live in Morristown, TN. Every time we are near Atlanta we have to eat with you guys! Our first time there was my wife and I after our honeymoon in 2016 and our luggage got lost at the Atlanta airport. We stayed over night and ate with you guys that evening and fell in love!

Darrell Sistrunk

Darrell Sistrunk

Happy birthday, we love ya!

Delphia Griffin

Wishing The Company a Very Happy Birthday 🎉🎂🎊


I loved Spondivits in the 1980s, and am amazed to find that you’re still there. I’ll come back in 2020. The feast was wonderful!

Charles Wood

Happy birthday Spondivits!

We loved the food and the service!!

Gregory Link

Gregory Link

We were there 3-years ago and, oh my God, what a meal. Seriously, the best ever. I gave you HUGE kudos in TripAdvisor.

Vicki J peacock

Happy Birthday Spondivits ,thanks for serving good fresh food for 40 years.


Wishing Spondivits a very happy 40th birthday.. Honestly it’s the best seafood restaurant on this planet!!!

Tammie Green

My husband an I went their for my birthday, and it was more then we could ask for. Excellent service and food. Made the day perfect.

Janet Abbott

Janet Abbott

Mine and my husband’s favorite all time seafood place. We live in high falls and every chance we get we come. We love celebrating birthdays here. Happy Birthday Spondivits!


Happy Birthday 40th Spondivits. 🍻🎊🎉❤️
Have been coming to you guys since August 1999 from out of town. When I’m in ATL I’m at Spondivits. Congratulations 🎈🍾

Deborah Alderman

I want to spend my birthday here had this food once and it was on a date as was going to airport to fly to Vegas missed my flight but food drinks were out off the roof and forgot the name and where he took me Siri found this seafood bar restaurant for me.. Going to Atlanta Sat bringing a girl friend to surprise her on a great late birthday treat … I would love to win the drawing to enjoy my birthday on Dec 27 th with everyone … best fresh shrimp and crab ever fingers crossed had a rough year pray I win … don’t know if I need picture but will do send on sat Plan on stoping in for best fresh seafood jumbo juicy crab and shrimp with best drinks that give you the best seafood and cocktails for your buck stop here !!!!!

Beverly Parks

Happy Birthday

Angela Rogers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! My favorite restaurant in the Tri-cities area!!!

Brandi Alexandria Smith

Happy birthday Spondivits. We share it together. Mine is this Sunday and I’m coming to dine tonight!!!

Ashley Green


Teia Wideman

Happy 40th Birthday

Nicole Mayon

40 is a very important year, making this far is a milestone. I know because I just turned 40, and I wish you all the best and many more prosperous years to come.

Tanesha Pearson-Norfleet

Tanesha Pearson-Norfleet

Happy Birthday Spondivits! Thank you for 40 years of great seafood and wonderful memories!

Lamar Payne

Lamar Payne

Happy, happy birthday!!! I started counting backwards when I turned 50 so I’ll be 40 along with you this year. So many more years to both of us!

KaSaundra Collins

Happy Birthday 40th Birthday Spondivits!!! May the next 40 be better then the past 40. May your continue to bring families together for Lots of Love, over the top Laughter, & Absolutely Fabulous Food

Vonda Wickswiahing

Wishing you a 40th Birthday from Mississippi. Happy Birthday!

Christopher Prather

Happy Birthday!!!
My boss’ boss took me for lunch the first time I ate here. We enjoyed it so much that every time he visits from France we go. Taking my daughter tomorrow for her first experience. It’s gonna be GREAT!!!

Amanda Fowler

Happy Birthday you all are the BEST!!!!!!

Donald Henderson

Happy Birthday

Jeff Cook

Happy 40th Spondivits!!! Keep that great seafood serving our seafood loving hearts!!!



Happy 40th Birthday….. you make everyone happy.

Sharolyn Hunter

Happy 40th Birthday

Donna Earls

Donna Earls

Happy 40th. Birthday!

We love Spondivits!
🦀🦞🦐 🎂

Toni Henderson

Toni Henderson

Happy 40th Birthday 🎂 It will be my first visit this Friday.. I can’t wait…

Kristi Fuller

Happy 40th Birthday!

Deborah Douglin

Wishing you an Awesome Birthday! This is a GREAT month to have a birthday because it’s my birthday month too!



Happiest 40th!!!! Here’s to 40+ more!!!!
Best Wishes for continued success!!!!

Keep Shining!!!!

Tam’Mesha Troutman

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday to my absolute favorite seafood restaurant! Can’t wait to make my weekly visit here soon!!

Annette Burnett

Happy birthday. I leave an hour and a half away but it’s absolutely worth the drive.

Martin H.

Martin H.

Happy 40th Spondivits!! I hope to come see you guys and celebrate my 32nd birthday and enjoy all the amazing looking goodies and drinks I’ve heard of from my Father-In-Law who loves the place!
Can’t Wait!

Erica Watson

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!! Wishing you many more years.

Candace D Ausby

Candace D Ausby

Happy Happy birthday again! Just wanted to post my bday celebration at Spondivits! 🍰🎂🍹🎉🎊🍷🍾🍸🍺

Martino Tulloss


Crystal Copeland

First off, let me say, I am a seafood lover. My co worker was aware of this, and invited me for dinner. The seafood was fresh, and seasoned well.😊 I am celebrating my 40th birthday as well, but that’s in September.
Happy Birthday Spondivits!!

Dawanna Chambers

Dawanna Chambers

Happy 40th and more to come

Kimberlee Morrison

Happy 40th Spondivits!
I’m Canadian and when I was younger my best friend would travel to Atlanta before I even knew about Atlanta! She would come back and tell me about an amazing bar like restaurant by the name of Spondivits. Fast forward to meeting my husband an Atlanta native before he became my husband he took me to a restaurant which wasn’t a great date with unpleasant food to match. I totally blew him off LOL and he said he wanted to makeup for that disaster of a date. So I flew back to Atlanta and he took me to Spondivits as a makeup date. I was in complete Awe with the service, food portion and atmosphere and I can’t forget the TASTE OF THAT GARLIC DIP AND DEEP FRIED CLAMS!! Well safe to say that if it weren’t for spondivits I don’t think me and him would be married LOL.

Linda D. King

Happy fortieth Birthday Spondivits!!!!

Brittany N Stansberry

Happy birthday

Lou Cumming

Happy Birthday Spondivits…keep on rocking.



Happy 40th… the best is yet to come

Linda Barker

HBD🎂😍 to my fav spot on the Eastside!

Letitia Johnson


Gary Wright

Enjoying the best clam chowder in the world and the crowd!

Angela Gartin

Happy 40th Birthday and Congrats on 40 years of service. ! I have no memories yet i am from Louisville, KY and love seafood I plan to make them this weekend. This is my weekend dining choice.

Lisa M Gonzalez

I celebrated my 40th birthday here. Had a great time

Lori McMiller

Lori McMiller

Happy Happy Birthday Spondivitz

Timothy Alexander

Timothy Alexander

Happy,happy , happy 40th Birthday,
It will be my first time visiting Atlanta in nearly 25 yrs and one of my first stops will be..you guest it ” Spondivits ” Happy Birthday

Sandy Thomas

Sandy Thomas

Happy 40th birthday! We both are not getting older just better!! I worked here for 2 years as a waitress back during 1986 and 87. I wish I could dig up and old pic I have where on Halloween I dressed up as a pumpkin since I was pregnant with my son!! Lol Thanks for the great memories! Keep serving and providing a great atmosphere and (THEY WIll COME) 😘

Tarah Reese

Tarah Reese

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! Wishing you many many more… also Wishing myself a Happy 41st birthday Aug 6th and praying God continues to bless us each year with more.

Sammy Qiu

Amazing place for oysters! First time here and it’s been wonderful!

Kanesha geiger

Happy birthday spondivist!!! I always enjoy my self when I come! Such a great place!! I love my crab bucket!!

Allan Ramsey

Allan Ramsey

Happy birthday to a wonderful place to meet and chill with friends. Great seafood for life

Sheila Daniels-Casaine

Happy 40th Birthday!!!! Anytime I want great seafood I stop by Spondivits. My favorite Spondivits experience was the last time I took my mother, we enjoyed crab legs, shrimps and calamari. She absolutely loved coming here especially when she had a crab craving, she passed August 31,2012 so this year I’ll be loading up on her favorite meal. Thank you for all the delicious food you’ve prepared these past 40 years, God bless you with 40 more years!!!!

Jasmine Williams

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!! 🎊



The best seafood ever! I’m about to bring my fiancé there to try it. Happy Birthday and here’s to another 40!!!

China Lee

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!! I hope y’all are able to see many more years! 🖤


Hands down, no questions asked – best seafood EVER! Added bonus – best service I’ve had in a long time. Counting down the days until I can go back for more.

Vermicia Chapman

Happy birthday spon

Angie Yatd

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for memories from my youth. I stepped in the door in 1979 and still do this day. I live in Kennesaw but grew up in College Park. Worked next door at the Hilton when it was flat like a Holiday Inn. So many memories! And making new ones.


My mouth waters everytime I think about Spondivits. My ex-hubby and I used to skip work and sit out on the patio in the back drinking beer and enjoying different items on the menu. I always refer any of my family and friends to your restaurant and just know they are repeat customers. Happiest of birhdays and cheers to many more!!!


Happy 40th Birthday! Can’t wait to eat Andy’s special oysters again. Love it!

Ida Welch

Happy Birthday with many more to come 🎂 🎁 🎷 🎊

Otto Green Jr

Otto Green Jr

I’m in town for the week from Nashville!! I can’t wait to come grub this eve!! Happy birthday Spondivits from Cashville!! ✊✊

Debbie Allen

Happy Birthday to the best seafood and drinks in town.

Willie Thompson

Willie Thompson

Happy Birthday!! Every time our family visit Atlanta, Spondivits is a must stop. The atmosphere is like no other restaurant. I love the seafood.🦞 The massive seafood makes it a fun feast to share with family. Even the sandwiches are awesome!

Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Being a lady being a lady of transgender experience this place served me many times without judgement with great food.

Ross Joned


Narvena Buchanan

Happy Birthday Spondivits and wish you many more successful years, I’ve enjoyed every visit and they’re all my favorites because I leave full everytime!!!


Happy Birthday!!❤🥂🦀
Hope to be with you on mine!@

Steve Marvie

Happy birthday, Spondivits! Wish you the dedication and commitment to make more amazing food for your customers.

Kim Jones

🥳 happy birthday 🎊🎈🎉 can’t wait to come back for some yummy seafood

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