40th Birthday Card

Joel Swanson

Happy Birthday! I always look forward to my work trips to ATL because that means I am going to eat me some SPONDIVITS!!!!

Gwen Jones

I have shared more than 26 of those 40 years with. It’s always enjoyable. Wishing you 40 more

Donald Beacham

Happy birthday to my favorite spot

Elaine Luong

Elaine Luong

Happy Birthday! First day here and already loving it!



Happy Birthday to the Greatest seafood restaurant Ever!
In town Out of town, there is no comparison!

Ericka Horton

Ericka Horton

Happy birthday friends at Divits! We’ve been together for 20 yrs since I first moved to the A and I’m looking forward to 20 more. I love u!! Lollllllll

Dionne Ricks

Dionne Ricks

My birthday was amazing at spondivits

Latricia Pitts

Happy Birthday!!

Amanda Moss

Amanda Moss

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY Spondivitis!! Great food, great atmposphere, and great service!! No wonder you guys have been around for 40 great years…here’s to MANY more!

Sherry Blaylock

Happy Birthday to the best place for seafood and drinks!

Keisha roberts

Keisha roberts

Happy birthday your food in friendly Invierment is awesome may the best one win in many more

Tammie Green

My husband an I went their for my birthday, and it was more then we could ask for. Excellent service and food. Made the day perfect.

Wayne Revels


Sharena Griswold

Happy PERSONAL New Year Spondivits
here’s to 40 more years of Awesome drinks & bringing sea to land to your kitchen to satisfied belly’s!

Donna Harper

Donna Harper

Happy Birthday to my newest FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN ATLANTA!!! My husband and I ate here for the first time when we staying near the airport for our flight to Jamaica the next morning. The food was amazing and we both made a mess eating our steamed deluxe seafood platter and we didn’t care. We walked from the Crowne Plaza there and wobbled back to the hotel. You all have a new couple that will make ever effort to eat here every time we are in the area!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

tabatha K edwards

tabatha K edwards

Happy 40th Born Day



Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!

Anna foster

Happy Happy Birthday

Shane Williams

Happy 40th. Too many experiences while working at the Cumming Store to single one out.

Lawrence Butler

Happy Birthday

Sharon Walb

Happy 40th Birthday!! 40 has never looked so delicious!!

Kaitlyn Vanvalkenburgh

Kaitlyn Vanvalkenburgh

Happy Birthday Spondivits!
I’ll be traveling from Tallahassee Florida to celebrate my Best Friends 30th birthday. I couldn’t think of a better place in Atlanta to celebrate than Spondivits.
Spondivits is my #1 place to recommend to anyone who visits the Atlanta area.
Can’t wait to come back this month.
Your hospitality has always gone above and beyond to make every visit a great experience.
Thanks for all the great memories and more to come,


Happy Birthday Spondivits! I have celebrated and enjoyed a couple of my birthdays with you. Thank you for great food and memories. Cheers!

Angie Harrison

Angie Harrison

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits, here’s to 40 more! See you in 9 weeks when we visit from England..we can not wait for some famous and world class seafood, hopefully meet some of the lovely locals, and enjoy the very best in southern hospitality.

Charles Kinard

I want to wish you guys a Very Happy 40th Birthday! It is my 50th Birthday year and between us we make a perfect 10. Many more BLESSING and success to you guys.

KaSaundra Collins

Happy Birthday 40th Birthday Spondivits!!! May the next 40 be better then the past 40. May your continue to bring families together for Lots of Love, over the top Laughter, & Absolutely Fabulous Food

China Lee

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!! I hope y’all are able to see many more years! 🖤

Mary Manning

Mary Manning

Happy 40th Birthday!!!!! We love the crab legs. They are truly the BEST!

Deborah Douglin

Wishing you an Awesome Birthday! This is a GREAT month to have a birthday because it’s my birthday month too!

Linda D. King

Happy fortieth Birthday Spondivits!!!!



Vicki J peacock

Happy Birthday Spondivits ,thanks for serving good fresh food for 40 years.

Kenya L Porter

Celebrating 40 years of fabulousness!! Turn up!

Maria D Pineda

Happy 40th birthday. May you continue to have many more to share with us.🎈🎉🎊

Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore

Happy Birthday to best place to get awesome seafood!  My favorite experience was September 2018 when we were passing through taking our son to ATL Airport to return to Seattle to continue  to serve out country! Go Navy!!

Rod Okorley

Happy Birthday! I know I have shared a birthday or two there before, so here’s back to YOU guys!

Chamar Denise Major

Happy Birthday!! Favorite experience was me and 8 other women came for my Birthday one year and one of the girls got drunk and started crying and saying she can’t remember why she was crying 🤣🤣🤣

Patricia Goss

Went to Spondivits many years ago for the first time. Food and atmosphere was great and keep coming back. Won some Luke Bryan tickets and am thankful for them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Carlos Williamson

I enjoy the environment & the food!

Tim Pogue

Lisa and oatmeal raisin

Sha-Toya Pratt

Happy 40th birthday SPONDIVITS!!!!

Mario McDaniel

Happy Birthday!!! My wife and I always enjoy coming to enjoy a great drink and a great meal.

Lisa M Gonzalez

I celebrated my 40th birthday here. Had a great time

Anitra Sargent

Happy happy birthday to you and much more success in the years to come

Steve Casey

Best food! Great atmosphere! Friendly staff!! Hands down our go to for a great dining experience in Atlanta!!

Marion Kelley

Marion Kelley

First date, for me a lady that met over a year ago. I Became my mother’s care giver and we only had contact by phone. I was in Maryland , she lives here. Our first meal together was at Spondivits. It was great and people were professional and polite. Needless to say the relationship has grown. Happy Birthday. Thanks for a successful first date. Marion from Montana.

Melisa Evans

My favorite experience is every time I visit this establishment. The food and service is always great and I’ll be coming to celebrate another birthday this week – 30th! Cheers to another 40 years in business!!

Heather Camerio

Happy 40th!!! We love you guys and love everything on the menu!!! 🥰🥰🥰

shirley waters

shirley waters

Happy 40th Achievement Birthday

Shea Clawson

Shea Clawson

Happy Birthday to the best seafood spot around town. Shout out to Dwayne the server for always taking care of us. Best customer service ever!

Debbie Munoz

Happy 40th! That says alot for a restaurant/bar these days! Here’s to another 40! 🎂🎉

Keona Hines

Keona Hines

It’s a REQUIREMENT to come to this place EVERY TIME I visit ATL‼️‼️‼️Happy 40th SPONDIVITSSSS‼️

Fradrica T Henderson

Happy Birthday, love the food will see u in a couple of days to Celebrate my bday!!!!!!!

Eddie Hampton

Happy old day spondivits have a safe blessed and productive day enjoy #IMGOINGLIVE

Darryl Wright

Happy birthday spondivits on reaching 40



Candice Howard

Candice Howard

Happy birthday!!! May you continue to serve the best seafood for many years to come.


Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits.. Wishing many more Years upon you!

Rondalyn Thomas

When I moved here and stumbled upon spondivits. My friend and I was regulars. One year, Young Jeezy came up with some lyrics that states “I eat at Spondivits 4 days a week.” I like the song but never paid any mind to it. After it came out, we started running into him more often then usual. We would have the more private area and he would come in with his crew and have to wait on us…oops (lol). Those was good times. As time change and years passed, we stop going as much. I haven’t been in years. But would love to come back again.

Norma Ash

Norma Ash

Meeting friends for happy hour or lunch.

Martin H.

Martin H.

Happy 40th Spondivits!! I hope to come see you guys and celebrate my 32nd birthday and enjoy all the amazing looking goodies and drinks I’ve heard of from my Father-In-Law who loves the place!
Can’t Wait!

Ericka White

Happy Birthday to Spondivits, you do seafood right and I wish you 40 years more!

Amanda Fowler

Happy Birthday you all are the BEST!!!!!!

Susan Wills

Happy 40th birthday Spondivits! Cheers 🍻🍻🍹🍹to many more years!

Delonda Gresham

Happy 40th Dividi!!!!!!!! You guys have the best seafood there is!!! Your the best!!! Papadeaux has nothing on SPONDIVITS!!! Friendly environment as well!! Excellent customer service!!!

Violet Holley

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits!

Casandra Caston

Happy 40th Birthday to my favorite spot in the A!!! See you this weekend!!!!!!

Tim Parks

Tim Parks

Frank & Tim wish you a HBD!

Lakendra Mitchell

Happy Birthday!

Naveed Akhtar

Happy birthday to the seafood restaurant &bar…you guys are the best!

Roblynette Bryant

Congratulations on 40 years! It looks good on you!

Joy Cudsik

Happy Birthday Spondivits. I met my husband Guy 36 years ago at Spons and the rest is history. One of my favorite memories is the dive trip Andy and Dave Evans put together in the early 80’s. We had a 65 foot sail boat and dove through the Bahamas. What a great trip with alot of great friends.

Kim Greenwell

Never visited BUT HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY!


Happy birthday 🥳 enjoy 🎉

Shenina Broaders

I came in one night sat at the Bar I had the best night!

LaRonda Freeman

LaRonda Freeman

I would love to celebrate my 38th birthday this year with my seafood lover friends and family at Spondivits September 28th!

Donald Henderson

Happy Birthday

Shayla Satterwhite

Happy 40th Birthday to my favorite restaurant! I have never had a bad experience. The wait can be long at times but the service and food is well worth it. Good things are worth waiting for! Keep up the great work!

Sefreia Dorsey

Sefreia Dorsey

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!! Here’s to 40 more🎂

Vonda Wickswiahing

Wishing you a 40th Birthday from Mississippi. Happy Birthday!

Toni Henderson

Toni Henderson

Happy 40th Birthday 🎂 It will be my first visit this Friday.. I can’t wait…

Cynthia Hudgins

Happy Birthday, Enjoy. You are the best.



Amy Johnson

Happy 40th Spondivits and many more!!! I love you!

Maccine Stafford

Happy 40th Birthday!

Natashia Hoffler

Natashia Hoffler

Happppppppppy 40th Spondivits BIRTHDAY from the Hoffler’s 🎂 🥰🥳

Lara Schulz

My hubs took us to Spondivits right after we moved to Atlanta. The crab legs are to die for. Happy Birthday to Spondivits.

April Avery-Dennard

Happy Birthday Spondivits!! I’ve shared so many birthdays and Anniversaries with you all and I hope to see you all around for another 40 and then some!

Tamica Woods

Tamica Woods

Happy birthday Spondivits!!!!!! Your oysters and seafood is the best!

Deidra Jones

Happy birthday Spondivits every experience is my best because I love love this place

Skylar Brown

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!

Carla Jones

Happy 40th Birthday…. Here’s to 40 more!


Happy 40th Birthday!!

James Williams

The Best Seafood experience ever! Love the ambiance!!!!

Alesia Slater

Happy Birthday to an Atlanta legend!!!

Ernise Cummings

Happy Birthday, keep up the great service and menus.

Bella Ciotti

Happy Birthday 🎁🎈

Jenny McMillian

Jenny McMillian

Happy 40th birthday to the restaurant that makes the BEST oysters I’ve ever had! I’ve been a fan ever since my cousin brought me in 2015 while I was house hunting as I was moving from Chicago. I have been hooked ever since and I support every chance that my bank account allows. Thank you for great quality food and good drinks. Wishing you blessings for 40 plus more years!!!!!

Lakelvin McClure

Happy Birthday and keep the people Happy Haven’t ate There yet but I’m so ready..


Wow its been a minute. My favorite experience was back in the 90’s a couple of us got together and decided to eat here. The atmosphere was great. The ppl friendly. We had a ball and the food was outstanding

Christy McKenzie

Christy McKenzie

We lived in Florida for years, both east coast and gulf coast and never had seafood as good as when I went to Spondivits! Keep it up! Happy birthday!

Tonya Butts

Enjoy great food

Nagelah Dieu

Happy Birthday 🎂 Spondivits! My first time here was 22 years ago while on training for Delta! Great memories! Best seafood ever!


Happy Birthday Spondivits!! Best food and drinks in the city!!

Bobby Ferraro

Happy Birthday Spondivits. Thank you do much to Andy and Chef for 40 years of amazing food and service.

Dr Deb Goldberg

September 1, 1952

Denise E Rimlinger

Denise E Rimlinger

So proud to have been a part of growing this wonderful Seafood/Bar Restaurant!! Many great memories have been created there!! Wishing them 40+ more successful years, and many more happy memories to come!!

Van Newberry

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!
Been looking forward to this all week!!

Marsha Manuel

Marsha Manuel

We travelled from Denton Texas just to have lunch here for my husbands birthday.

Happy 40th Spondivits

Delila Jefferies

Happy birthday! Spondivits undoubtedly my favorite place to chillax im coming to celebrate my 38th early with you for your 40th saturday nov 9th all the way up to the 11th my birthday. Happy Birthday🍷🥇🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂

Kerry Cloud

I just wanna wish the best restaurant in the world a happy 40th birthday and many more to come me and my family love eating there and having drinks matter fact we will see you tonight


Happy 40th birthday Spondivits.
Looking forward to coming next week.

Gail Railey

Gail Railey

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits I sure miss hanging out.
It was really fun and loved the ousters

Christina Kade

Happiest of Birthdays Spondivits! I can remember coming here 30 something years ago as a little girl and to this day one of my most favorite places to eat!!!

Faye Strauss

Happy Birthday, Spondivits!! My daughter is my seafood eating buddy and we always come and sit at the bar when I visit her in East Point. We always get a dozen oysters, share a bucket of crab, lobster, and shrimp, and gotta have those French fries. All amazingly fresh and delicious and we would eat there everyday if we could. Please open a location in Covington so I can do that

Steve Marvie

Happy birthday, Spondivits! Wish you the dedication and commitment to make more amazing food for your customers.

Roilanda Cummings

Happy 40th Birthday

Ann Holland Myrick

Ann Holland Myrick

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits, a true Atlanta native! This is such an amazing time. The longevity and the amazing accolades you have received are the backdrop to our city and neighborhood. Continue your success and I truly wish you the best Birthday ever!
From one Atlanta native to another!

Christle Traylor

Happy birthday 🎂. Continued success. EVERY time I’ve visited this restaurant I’ve had the most spectacular meal. The presentation is always magnificent and last year on a whim I was telling some of my friends about it that live in Alabama and they drove up one Saturday just for us to the restaurant eat, take a nap and then they headed back to Alabama.

Ida Welch

Happy Birthday with many more to come 🎂 🎁 🎷 🎊

Brittany Anthony

Happy birthday 🎈🎂🎊

Johnnie Hunter

Always meeting good friends good friends there and great food


Happy blessed birthday and many more years to come!

Irene A Mills

Happiest 40th Seafood Extraordinaires!!!!! The Best N ATL! Casual But Fun Spot and Open When U Want Sum Great Grub!!! When Ma Fam & Friends Fly N We Run Straight To U!!! C U This Weekend!!!! 👑❤ ✌

Kristi Fuller

Happy 40th Birthday!

Tennethina Belcher

Happy 40th Birthday!! I wish you all many many many more years of serving awesome Seafood

Langley Daniels

Happy birthday

Melissa McDuffie

Happy 40th Birthday to Spondivits, best seafood I’ve honestly ever eaten!! Cheers to another 40 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Kathy Shipley

Kathy Shipley

Happy birthday! We went there last Saturday for the first time and it was awesome!

Kawai Greene

I will be visiting for the 1st time for my birthday, so happy birthday to us.

Kimberly Dumas

Happy Birthday I spend most birthdays with you guys each year I love the crabs and the Butter and salad hit the spot . Missing you guys terribly 🙁 we will meet soon. In the meantime enjoy and I wish you many more with love and blessings.


You have the best king crab legs!!! I hope you have the best birthday and continue with success from now til eternity!!!!

Jamelle Hood

Spondivits has been my favorite since I was a teenager and I am 5 years older than this restaurant. You could only get seafood from here and a chain seafood restaurant… this of course being the best place to go and eat. Happy Birthday!

Lakessa Perry

Lakessa Perry

OMG the Deluxe Seafood Platter was the BEST, FRESHEST, and TASTIEST Seafood I’ve ever eaten. Don’t get me started on them WINGS!!!!! They were ABSOLUTELY THE BOMB.COM.
Our waitress was fantastic. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. I really enjoyed my 43rd Birthday truly one of the BEST Birthdays yet.
Happy 40th Birthday and I PRAY Y’ALL HAVE MANY MANY MANY MANY MORE!!!!!!!!

Mikel Taylor

Happy Birthday. I never been here ever in my life but people talks about it. I just wanted to wish you an happy birthday for respect I was just looking at the menu and came across this.

Tanisha Berry

Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Jennifer Jones

Happy Birthday!!!! Can’t wait to celebrate my daughters birthday with you guys tonight!

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

Always a highlight of training over the course of my career at Delta airlines. A stop or two at Spondivits was always in order. Retired now, missing the gumbo.

William Clettenberg

Happy Birthday, Spondivits!! Wishing you at least another 40! Still waiting for the in for the Buffet tickets.

Aaron walker

Enjoying the great seafood

Terrica ward

Happy birthday! I’ve had you once but literally craved you ever since then! (8 months pregnant but standing and waiting was worth it)



Happy birthday and we’re coming to celebrate with you….. Woop woop

Lola Bee

Happy 40th anniversary! Great memories made and more to come!

Susan Crawford

Happy 40th to the best seafood eatery in Atlanta!

Aubrey Ivy

Happy bday

Tara Brown

Tara Brown

Happy Birthday to our favorite seafood place in Atlanta❤️❤️❤️

Carla Florence

Carla Florence

My favorite experience is going when the game is on. The excitement and the interaction of guests is so much fun.

Lisa M. Jordan

Lisa M. Jordan

Celebrating my 53rd birthday with my family

Daresha Harris

Happy birthday to the restaurant with the best drinks in town!!!

Rhonda Shiflet

Happy 40th to the best seafood place in the world!

Terri champagne Ross

It has been 20 yrs today since the 1st time I visited you guys.. hey 20 yrs later to wish happy 40th birthday is an awesome honor and still keeping the heat with the bomb food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😍🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳

Kathie Roberts

Happy birthday. Just found you by accident as we wished to eat near the airport but not in it Yum!


Congratulations! Happy 40th Birthday! I will be in ATL next month to experience the great food I heard about from my family.

shereal S smoot

Happy 40th birthday to my favorite seafood joint of all time. Awesome food, great staff and inviting atmosphere. Looking forward to many more years of your goodness!

Rogers Hornsby

Rogers Hornsby

Happy, Happy Birthday

Ivery Roberts

Ivery Roberts

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits
Birthday twins I’m. Celebrating 27th

Loren Knox


Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Being a lady being a lady of transgender experience this place served me many times without judgement with great food.


Happy Birthday 40th Spondivits. 🍻🎊🎉❤️
Have been coming to you guys since August 1999 from out of town. When I’m in ATL I’m at Spondivits. Congratulations 🎈🍾



Happy birthday to one of the greatest restaurant’s in the ATL much continued success to you all …



Happy Happy Birthday to You and Many Many More delicious years

shereal S smoot

Happy 40th birthday to my favorite seafood joint of all time. Awesome food, great staff and inviting atmosphere. Looking forward to many more years of your goodness!

Kimberly R Shephard

Happy birthday Spondivits! I have enjoyed every meal that I’ve eaten there! Do they have all been so worth it. I actually came to the website today because today is my 23rd wedding anniversary and I would love to spend it there a Spondivits! So congratulations on your 40th birthday and I hope that Spondivits survives another 40 years plus!

Charolette Guilford

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday Spondivits..!
Happy birthday to you!!
….And Many Mooooore!!



Christy Beckom

Happy birthday!! I will NEVER FORGET the first time I ate at Spondivits! I had so much crab and it was so juicy and good that by the time I left I was covered in butter and crab juice lol! I had to buy a T-shirt at the register to be able to finish my day of shopping! Best day ever!

Cynthia Searcy

Just heard about my niece who said it was great won’t to bring my wife for the first time on 10/09or10/2020

Ella Floyd

Happy Birthday!! I have yet to try you for myself it plan to for my birthday Feb. 13

Lori McMiller

Lori McMiller

Happy Happy Birthday Spondivitz

Sandy Thomas

Sandy Thomas

Happy 40th birthday! We both are not getting older just better!! I worked here for 2 years as a waitress back during 1986 and 87. I wish I could dig up and old pic I have where on Halloween I dressed up as a pumpkin since I was pregnant with my son!! Lol Thanks for the great memories! Keep serving and providing a great atmosphere and (THEY WIll COME) 😘

Eric Gee

Eric Gee

Happy 40th Birthday!!!
I love the Shark’s Platter

Shari Hitt

Shari Hitt

40 years of fun times and great memories! Thank you for your vision, Andy. The Embarcadero crowd always loved Spondivit’s and we still enjoy coming 40 years later. Happy 40th! Cheers.

Charles Wood

Happy birthday Spondivits!

We loved the food and the service!!

Deon lowe

Happy 40th birthday to the World’s Best seafood restaurant. May you guys have many more years to offer the greatest food to the world!

Kailyn Laigh

Haaaayyyy Spondivits you’re looking good!
You’ve got the best seafood in the neighborhood.
That’s a bit modest I take that back- the best in the WORLD (now how about that)!
The first time I ate there I was visiting family
And during that time my Spondivits count was THREE!
THREE times the butter, THREE times the legs, THREE times I used decorum to avoid the urge to beg
For a cot and a pillow to take a nap
so that I could wake up and come right back
To that awesome service with friendly smiles and crab legs and shrimp that could stretch for miles!
Since then my ploy was to come right back
To get the satisfaction of hearing the crack
Of king crab legs with meat so sweet
Who wouldn’t want to experience such a treat?
There I’ve hosted one party and a birthday dinner later
Little did my parties know that it wasn’t in favor of celebrating THEM even though I love them dearly,
It was all so I could come back, clearly,
With an excuse to dine in my favorite joint
And I guess it’s nice I racked up cool points.
But none of that matters when you’re around,
You bring joy to all who are down!
So I hope for your birthday, you receive the same:
The love, the smiles, the family gained.
You are awesome, I thank you so much
Happy Birthday Spondivits, I’ll be back for lunch!!

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPONDIVITS! My husband and I met there 7 years ago and we’ve been coming every anniversary since. We also still spend every single birthday we have there! Spondivits is also the place we would come during our dating phase to make up and talk things out. It would be 2am! Lol we love you guys and you will forever be our CHEERS!

Jameria Walker

My absolute favorite seafood joint!!!


Hands down, no questions asked – best seafood EVER! Added bonus – best service I’ve had in a long time. Counting down the days until I can go back for more.

David Haznedl

David Haznedl

Happy Birthday!!! After my last visit I had to purchase those crab shell openers. They are the best. Had a friend ask for some so I gave him mine and will be buying more at dinner tonight!!!


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday toooo youuu! SPONDIVITS! Wish you guys all the best and many more, y’all have the best seafood . Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful services.


Happy Birthday!!!

Darris Torrence

Happy 40th Birthday with many more to come. 🎉

Nicole Mayon

40 is a very important year, making this far is a milestone. I know because I just turned 40, and I wish you all the best and many more prosperous years to come.

Vivian Smith

Vivian Smith

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits 😍 I will be there in February to celebrate my 73rd birthday. This is where my kids bring me for my birthday and Mother’s Day celebrations 🎉 🎊🎁


Happy Birthday Spondivits! Hope to come back next year!

Angie Lester

Happy Birthday, to my favorite seafood restaurant!!

Kelli Mann

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! I can’t wait for my 1st Spondivits experience trip! It looks delicious 🤤

Kimberly R Shephard

Happy birthday Spondivits! I have enjoyed every meal that I’ve eaten there! Do they have all been so worth it. I actually came to the website today because today is my 23rd wedding anniversary and I would love to spend it there a Spondivits! So congratulations on your 40th birthday and I hope that Spondivits survives another 40 years plus!

Cynthia Graham

I LOVE SPONDIVITS! I remember once while on vacation, we were staying at a hotel and we asked where could we find a Red Lobster. The employess said that there’s a place called Spondivits across the street. We were apprehensive about trying it but we were hungry! So we gave it a go. That was the best decision of our vacation! The food was delicious and every time we are in the area if we are driving we stop at Spondivits!!! Happy Birthday y’all!

Dionne L Brown

Happy birthday!!!!!! Can’t read with this pandemic to leave I miss food!!!!!🎊💕🧁💞

Bobby Ferraro

Bobby Ferraro

Happy Birthday Spondivits. I love your clam chowder and buckets of exciting seafood. Hope you are around for another 40 years. Special shout out to “Chef” and “Andy” for growing such a great business and experience for all of us seafood lovers.

Stacie Kidd

How could I ever forget my first visit to the restaurant it was a match made in that bucket I knew I was hooked forever…….

Dwan venning

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest restaurant in the industry. The food is exceptionally great!!! Wish you many more

Charlotte  Morgan

Charlotte Morgan

Always love going to meet my friends. Happy 40th birthday Spondivits.🧜‍♀️🎉

Shakeena James

Shakeena James

I came for my bday. It was me and my 10 kids, plus husband. We are from Florida and always looking for great seafood. We enjoyed

Cheryl Havens

Cheryl Havens

First time there was a little worried because of location. But food was excellent, people friendly, a little pricey, but FUN. This is my favorite place to go out to. Whenever i go to the airport, I always stop by. Love Spondivits@

Nikki gooden

Nikki gooden

Happy 40th birthday!!! The mega bucket is our fav!!!



Happy 40th!! I live in Arkansas but I’m headed back to Atl. My bday is this month 🎈🎈🎈🎁🎉🎉🎊
This is one of my fav places to grub

Adrienne Dixon

My girlfriend brought me here for my birthday. I’m from Boston and used to high quality seafood. Spondivits was as close to home as you get in the south. I absolutely loved the fried lobster.

Amy Her

Happy Birthday, Spondivits! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby so that I can come back and eat seafood!

Cheri Whoric-Naiser

Had a great time with my friend Angela Yarbrough!!

Mark Carnes

Mark Carnes

Kent , knew who we were after moving to Texas and returning over a year later to get the shark platter and the best pomegranate margarita in town

Kim Kessler

I have been to Spondivits many of times but I can never seem to make up my mind in what to get because everything is so delicious!! I always end up with the combo bucket cause I need everything!! OMG…. I love this Seafood spot!!!

Jasmine Williams

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!! 🎊

Tykeria Ware

Happy Birthday 🎁🎈🎂🎊
Continue to cook that good food!!

Sammy Qiu

Sammy Qiu

Amazing place for oysters! First time here and it’s been wonderful!

Shelly Hall

Wishing Spondivits the happiest of birthdays. Hope that you all will get to see another 40 🎂🎂😁🙂🕯️🎉

Bill Davis

Happy Birthday. Spondivits is my one and only stop when coming to Atlanta. On more than one occasion I made my connecting flight several hours later than my arriving flight into Atlanta so I could have dinner at Spondivits. I wish you a Happy Birthday with many more to come. Bill

Michelle Brooks

Happy 40th Birthday!! We have had many, many fabulous memories made at this great place.

Fredia Purple

Happy Naked Day wishing you many more💜💜💜😁💋

Ingrit Busbee

Happy Happy birthday!! You were the first seafood restaurant that I ever ate at in Atlanta and we have been friends for years! Praying you have many many more years of serving good fresh seafood!

Carol Warner

Have a fantastic, amazing birthday!!!

Damita Richard

Love, love ,love! Happy birthday Wishing you many more

Christy Beckom

Christy Beckom

Happy 40th to the BEST SEAFOOD Restaurant in the USA! Cheers to many, many more – if we are all so lucky!



Happy 40th Birthday. Here’s to many many more.

Paul Leslie

Happy 40th birthday! Spondivit’s is a place unlike any other. The stories and delicious meals experienced in this place will never be forgotten!

Rodney  Poole

Rodney Poole

I never been but plan on going when I get to the ATL later this month

Shernell Aljuboori

Shernell Aljuboori

Happy Birthday to the best crab cracking , oyster shuck

Deborah Alderman

I want to spend my birthday here had this food once and it was on a date as was going to airport to fly to Vegas missed my flight but food drinks were out off the roof and forgot the name and where he took me Siri found this seafood bar restaurant for me.. Going to Atlanta Sat bringing a girl friend to surprise her on a great late birthday treat … I would love to win the drawing to enjoy my birthday on Dec 27 th with everyone … best fresh shrimp and crab ever fingers crossed had a rough year pray I win … don’t know if I need picture but will do send on sat Plan on stoping in for best fresh seafood jumbo juicy crab and shrimp with best drinks that give you the best seafood and cocktails for your buck stop here !!!!!

Kenya Jordan

Happy 40th birthday

Allyssa Godfrey


James Christian

James Christian

The best of the BEST 🦀

Folayan Battle

Folayan Battle

Happy Shuck & Suck Day! Love you guys, Dwayne best server ever and the bar tender is as great a mixologist as he is bald:)

Nisia McCormick

I visited Spondivits a year ago, during a visit to ATL with old school friends. Spondivits hosted our group of 12 seamlessly, and dished out some of the best seafood and drinks I’ve had in the south. The customer service was warm and welcoming, and the other patrons there were friendly as well. I even met a woman at the bar from Las Vegas, who I’m still friends with to this day! I rave about this place. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Harold Brantley


Craig Jones

Craig Jones

Greetings my favorite time Fellowshipping at Spondivits was on my Birthday last year. I enjoy family and friends celebrating.

Gary Wright

Enjoying the best clam chowder in the world and the crowd!

Mario McDaniel

Happy Birthday!!! My wife and I always enjoy coming to enjoy a great drink and a great meal.


I loved Spondivits in the 1980s, and am amazed to find that you’re still there. I’ll come back in 2020. The feast was wonderful!

Tammy Lingerfelt


Gwendolyn Gordon

Happy Birthday Spondivits!! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday and bringing my Mom to enjoy her 86th B’day dining on all the delicious, tasty seafood!

Suzie Kielar

Hoping to win so I can try your restaurant


Happy 40th birthday

Ariana Fox

Happy Birthday enjoy & indulge!

Direk Daraswad

Happy birthday to the very first restaurant I tried in Atlanta!!! 10 years later and we still enjoy our visits every time!!!

Shanita Berry

Happy Birthday, to the best seafood spot in the entire world, SPONDIVITIS!!! 🎉🎉🎉



I love ❤️ the oysters and crab 🦀 leg !

Kenidra White

Happy Birthday!

Stephanie Days

Happy Birthday I’m visiting from Miami Florida and have heard great things about your establishment I’m looking forward to dining out here

LaTonya Winfrey-Walls

Happy Birthday to my favorite seafood restaurant…..Spondivits! This is where I enjoy celebrating ALL of my birthdays because the food is the best and most fresh I’ve ever tasted. Cheers to us celebrating and creating 40 more amazing memories together!


Happy 40th birthday Spondivits !!! We share in this celebration together !!!!!

Preston farley

Happy Birthday to my wife and I’s most favorite restaurant in Atlanta. We chose to eat there for the first time in 1997 while I was in the military training nearby. Now we live here and this is where she wants to have her birthday meal. It was one of our top three dining experiences in the world. Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Kenee Anderson

Kenee Anderson

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits and many more to come! Coming to help y’all celebrate wit my favorite.. Deluxe seafood platter and top it off with the Bob Marley!!! Been rocking with y’all forever❤️

Sherry Tibbetts

Happy birthday Sponz! Looking forward to your bday party!

Hasannah Araus-muhammad

Hasannah Araus-muhammad

Happy 40th birthday

Mishyelle Cleveland

Everyday and every visit is excellent …
the food is great & the drinks as well..,
Fast service & delicious food 🥘

Brittany N Stansberry

Happy birthday


Happy Birthday Spondivits Enjoy

Tami Williams

Happy 40th!!! I hope you have 40 more!!!

Donna Earls

Donna Earls

Happy 40th. Birthday!

We love Spondivits!
🦀🦞🦐 🎂

Gloria McDaniel

Happy birthday! Keep making great memories!

Heather Johnson

With any restaurant it’s all about the service. I remember celebrating a friends birthday and the whole table had top notch customer care from our server. My husband and I will be back for our Anniversary in October.
Happy 40th birthday to a restaurant that gets it right every time.

JeRaya Jones

Happy Birthday! Even with all of the “so called” new seafood places in Atlanta, Ga. You guys are still number one in my book. Your food taste better too!!!!

Doris Bond

Happy Birthday

Jonique Williams

Trying oysters for the first time… at Spondivits! Happy birthday and thank you!

Nigel Butler

Happy Birthday

Antone Adams

Happy birthday be blessed and prosperous we love you

Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Queen Hatcher-Johnson

Our experience was superb. Happy 40

Beverly Parks

Happy Birthday

Janie Foy

I feel honored to say Happy 40th Birthday! I myself turned 40 on December 31st! May the establishment continue to be a Blessing to the Community.

Tamika Mason

Happy Birthday Spondivits. Let’s have a crabalicious cracking celebration!

Lekesha Favors

Cheers to 40 crackin’ years and wishes for 40 more!!

Pood Bergkessel

Pood Bergkessel

Happy 40th Birthday SPONDIVITS!!
You do seafood rite! 💕💕💕💕💕

Letitia Johnson


Patrece Williams

I love everything about spondivits, from the atmosphere, laid back fun vibes, live music and exceptional service. I try to come as much as I can. This is my #1 go to restaurant

Kimberly D Wilson

Happy Birthday!!! My friends and I will be there March 14 to celebrate with you all!! Wish you guys a happy 40th and us happy and safe travels!

Max Matos

Max Matos

Happy Birthday Spondivitz sorry its late but I could not find our picture

Jorge Trevilla

Best bucket of Seafood in Town!

Kimberly R Shephard

Happy birthday Spondivits! I have enjoyed every meal that I’ve eaten there! Do they have all been so worth it. I actually came to the website today because today is my 23rd wedding anniversary and I would love to spend it there a Spondivits! So congratulations on your 40th birthday and I hope that Spondivits survives another 40 years plus!


Continue to serve great food! blessings on 40 years!

DaMiale Johnson

Happy birthday, Spondivits!!!

My favorite experience is of sitting at the bar with my favorite bartender, Kent, and enjoying some great drinks and witty conversations. I also love the seafood platter!! I drive an hour to get there and an hour back home- and it’s worth every minute!!

Michelle McCrary

Happy Birthday! Love the food and the atmosphere 😊

Kai Feliciano

My Dad first introduced me to Spondivits in Atlanta, and ever since then it’s become our must-stop spot when he comes to visit. I took my friend who lives out in LA and now we also have to crush it when he’s in town. You guys have to have a hookup at the airport because it is literally the freshest seafood in town at a ridiculous price! Love it, and so… Hau’oli lā hānau! Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleańos! And all those birthday wishes.

Xavier Lewis Benjamin

Happy birthday Spondivits I’m so glad to still be celebrating birthdays with you after over 30 years
I can vividly remember coming to Spondivits with my uncle chief Charles Lee who is now deceased and we were greeted with a special version of oysters Rockefeller from Chef Alfred they were delicious and they were only followed by some of the best seafood in Atlanta I thank you for delivering on that still today
Happy 40th birthday and many more

Shalonda Roberson

Now Get It CRACKIN 🦞🦀😃

Tina Harrison

Happy 40th Birthday
The Food Is Always Awesome 😍

Rafael Santana

Rafael Santana

Have A Jolly 40th Birthday Catch 🐟

Margie Morgan

Margie Morgan

Happy 40th Birthday, Spondivits!…I have heard so many wonderful things about you and cannot wait until I come chow down with you!

Tanika  Smith

Tanika Smith

It’s my 40th birthday as well so today we celebrate together



Happy Fantabulous Birthday….I first tried your shark platter in November 2018 passing through Atlanta on my way to Rome, Italy. Had to make another stop on my way back through because it was just that damn good! Well I’ll be back next week and guess what I’ll see you on Thursday, because I will not pass through without stopping here! Hands down the best seafood I’ve ever had and I’m from Louisiana, and I know Seafood!

Jeff Cook

Happy 40th Spondivits!!! Keep that great seafood serving our seafood loving hearts!!!

Shalonda Roberson

Now Get It CRACKIN 🦞🦀😃

Jasmine Wilson

Welcome to the 40 40 Club!!!!

Veverly Duncan

Veverly Duncan

Happy birthday Spondivits
My heart loves you always! I enjoy sitting in your company eating delicious food 😊.
Enjoy life crab and shrimping to make us smile!!!

Apifthany Davis

Apifthany Davis

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!! My all time favorite Restaurant love you guys!!!

Gigi Morrison

Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Resturants in Atlanta. Love you guys🎊🎉❤♋💯❤🔥

Tam’Mesha Troutman

Happy Fabulous 40th Birthday to my absolute favorite seafood restaurant! Can’t wait to make my weekly visit here soon!!

Cindy Kiker

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits! I remember when you first opened, and what a great place it has been to get together with friends.

Susan Barge

Seafood platter, atmosphere is always great. Happy 40th Spondivits. Best seafood

Carla Dioume

Happy birthday and continued blessings on many more!!!

Jessica Poole

Jessica Poole

Happy Birthday!!!! Atl born and raised, we are both 80’s babies.

KaSaundra Collins

Happy Birthday Spondivits May your establishment continue to bring families together for Lots of love, over the top Laughter, & Fabulous Food that is heart felt.

Courtney Hinton

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳!!!!!

Brandy Mcgill

Happy 40th birthday. I would love to eat there again.

Shatesha Bogany

Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday SPONDIVITIS wishing the company a Blessed Birthday and many many more. May your company continue to grow in love (employees, staff, family), success and may it be prosperous and always be ranked # 1 Atlanta and one day worldwide. Congratulation on your 40th Birthday!!!

Amy Forest

Happy birthday, Spondivits! We discovered you 10 years ago on our honeymoon in Atlanta. We are coming back to celebrate 10 years of bliss, and the first thing we plan to do is come back to our favorite restaurant. We ate dinner here on our first night at a suggestion from the hotel where we stayed, and can’t wait to come see you guys again!


Happy Birthday!! I love coming to Spondivits and sharing the Shark platter with my friends. Always a loud and fun time!

Ericka Carnell

Happy 40th Birthday Spondivits!!!!🎊🎉

veronica gresham

Happy Birthday Spondivits!!!… I LOVE this place…

Jimmika Welch

Jimmika Welch


Johnny Mack

Happy Birthday Spondivits !!

Tailgating the Restaurant now waiting on you to open. Came from Florida to get some fresh seafood in Atlanta.

Jewel Lee

Jewel Lee

Happy 40th bday! I celebrated my 40th at Spondivits last year. Looking forward to doing the same this year. It’s a mandatory stop every time I’m in Atlanta! Great seafood, friendly staff and cool environment. Let’s not forget the drinks -AMAZING!! See you in a few weeks

Robbie Griffie

Like you’re @ the beach in ATL

Brandon Sparkman

Happy 40th Spondivits! I decided 2 visit Atlanta 2 celebrate my dad’s birthday which falls on the 4th of July. I stopped celebrating the 4th when I lost my dad over 13yrs ago but enough being sad….Im gonna have a drink 4 my dad & a toast 2 u 4 a happy 40th!

Renee Glenn

Happy 40th Birthday to one of my favorite places to eat and dine. Nothing short of deliciousness.

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