Kailyn Laigh

Haaaayyyy Spondivits you’re looking good!
You’ve got the best seafood in the neighborhood.
That’s a bit modest I take that back- the best in the WORLD (now how about that)!
The first time I ate there I was visiting family
And during that time my Spondivits count was THREE!
THREE times the butter, THREE times the legs, THREE times I used decorum to avoid the urge to beg
For a cot and a pillow to take a nap
so that I could wake up and come right back
To that awesome service with friendly smiles and crab legs and shrimp that could stretch for miles!
Since then my ploy was to come right back
To get the satisfaction of hearing the crack
Of king crab legs with meat so sweet
Who wouldn’t want to experience such a treat?
There I’ve hosted one party and a birthday dinner later
Little did my parties know that it wasn’t in favor of celebrating THEM even though I love them dearly,
It was all so I could come back, clearly,
With an excuse to dine in my favorite joint
And I guess it’s nice I racked up cool points.
But none of that matters when you’re around,
You bring joy to all who are down!
So I hope for your birthday, you receive the same:
The love, the smiles, the family gained.
You are awesome, I thank you so much
Happy Birthday Spondivits, I’ll be back for lunch!!

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