Kimberlee Morrison

Happy 40th Spondivits!
I’m Canadian and when I was younger my best friend would travel to Atlanta before I even knew about Atlanta! She would come back and tell me about an amazing bar like restaurant by the name of Spondivits. Fast forward to meeting my husband an Atlanta native before he became my husband he took me to a restaurant which wasn’t a great date with unpleasant food to match. I totally blew him off LOL and he said he wanted to makeup for that disaster of a date. So I flew back to Atlanta and he took me to Spondivits as a makeup date. I was in complete Awe with the service, food portion and atmosphere and I can’t forget the TASTE OF THAT GARLIC DIP AND DEEP FRIED CLAMS!! Well safe to say that if it weren’t for spondivits I don’t think me and him would be married LOL.

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